Simple Wolf Furry Fursona Base

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Simple Wolf Furry Fursona Base

Cybercat Graphics
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A low cost simple Fursona or Adoptable base. This base includes:

1 body type, 3 eye styles,  and 1 long hair style.

Rules of Use: By buying and using this base you agree to the following:

Do not claim the lineart as your own.

Do not resell or share the base art / psd file. Do not make brushes from the lineart.

Do not use the lineart or art created from it for Print On Demand websites like Redbubble or Zazzle.

Do not remove the Cybercat Signature.

Do not claim the line art as your own.

Please don't use the base if you haven't bought it. ( Don't copy or trace it please!)

Do not use the base for or in hate group related content (ex: nazi, kkk, any kind of racism )

You May use the base for adoptables and commissions for money or digital currencies.

Please link back to my FA or DA page in the description if you upload artwork using the base to the net. (social media, galleries, twitters, whatever)

Please do not alter the line art to make it 'Adult'. (Don't add naughty bits!)

You may alter the line art to make it more unique and fit your needs .

#furryart #adoptable #werewolf

I want this!

1 PSD file

12 MB
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